Testimonial by Dr. Jang, Assistant Professor, Jeju National University College of Medicine, South Korea

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Basically everything is challenging when I write a paper. Everytime I start to write a paper, I realize that writing is another world that is totally different from reading and listening. Especially, writing a research paper should be correct in all the details. As a matter of fact, editage was the editorial service that my academic advisor had been using for a long time. Later, I found that there are lots of online companies providing editorial service. But, I don't hesitate to use editage when I need a help. Because Editage has never let me down in terms of editing service. I've always been satisfied with the work done by editage team. Grammar, appropriate use of words, pharases etc...I make tons of small errors when writing my paper. But, I don't try to make my paper perfect. Probably, it'll take months or so..and I know it is impossible. I believe that editage will complete my paper by editing service. In that way, I can reduce the burden of language and save time. I want my paper to be published in the good journal. For that goal, Editage is one of my best friends or coworkers. When I look at the paper edited by your team, I feel I'm finally ready to submit my paper. I'm very happy to get my work shared by a lot of people around the world. I really appreciate your help.

Dr. Jang
Assistant Professor
Jeju National University College of Medicine, South Korea