Testimonial by Dr. Erman, Indonesia

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This my first time writing a manuscript to publish on international journal.Before sending the manuscript, many colleagues ask me to send the manuscript to thelowest level journal (Q4) as the first experience writing manuscript for internationaljournal. They said, It is difficult to publish manuscript on the reputation journal Q1 fornon experience writer. My colleagues avoid such reputation journal for publish theirmanuscript because they are not confidence or are rejected experience. But, withEditage assistance, I become confident writing manuscript perfectly. Editage notconcern on linguistic domain but on the sentence meaning and conceptual systematic,and some of them is including of framework of the research. Editage commentchallenging me to understand the comment and rewriting the manuscript. Thank youvery much Editage for the assistance editing my manuscript. Now, my manuscript havebeen accepted by the top reputation international journal Q1 in education field. Oncemore, thank you Editage, your help is my confidence to write manuscript to publish onreputation journal.

Dr. Erman