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Our editorial team is comprised of over 1000 professional native-English editors with proofreading, publication and peer-review experience.

  • One of the largest in-house editorial teams
  • 1000+ subject-specialist English editors
  • BELS-certified editors for Life Sciences
  • Doctors and MDs for Medical Sciences
  • PhDs with publication and peer-review experience

We have editorial expertise in over 1200 subjects classified under the five broad disciplines listed below. To learn more about the subjects we edit in these disciplines, click the relevant icon below.

We have helped thousands of authors overcome language barriers to be published in high-impact journals from around the globe.

  • English Editing Services for Medical Science Journals
    Author name:Takahiro Yamasaki
    Publisher: Massachusetts Medical Society
    Impact factor  53.484
  • Editing and Proofreading Services for Journals
    Author name:Akinori Nakamura
    Publisher: Elsevier
    Impact factor  33.633
  • Scientific Paper Editing Services for Journals
    Author name:Masahiro Ohira
    Publisher: American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI)
    Impact factor  14.152
  • Research Paper Editing Services for Journals
    Author name:Kiwamu Nishida
    Publisher:American Association for the Advancement of Science
    Impact factor  31.36

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At Editage, in everything we do, we want to accelerate the development of global scientific research. We are constantly innovating to create new solutions to help international researchers communicate better.

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We partner with publishers, journals, and academic societies to help them publish high-quality research and achieve their scientific communication goals.

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